Under the directives of the Governor of Abyan, the General Coordination Office and the Technical Unit visit Al-Iman School

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This morning, Mr. Anis Al-Yousifi, general deputy coordinator of local and international organizations, accompanied by Mukhtar Al-Shaddadi, director of the Technical Unit, and engineer Lisa Muhammad Ali.

They reviewed the educational situation at the Al-Iman school, listened to their concerns and needs, and listened to a detailed explanation from the school administration, represented by its director, Yasser Abbas, who told them that the school is one of the pivotal and model . schools at the county level, and that the school must build additional classrooms.

The number of students reached 850 students, distributed over two periods, and the accumulation of students in the classrooms caused a lack of understanding and understanding for students as a result of crowding and population density.

The director of the technical unit made an integrated study to build four classrooms, a hall, two bathrooms, and an office in the back space of the school and marketed it to the supporting parties to alleviate the needs of that school that carries. a large burden in terms of student accumulation.

Al-Yousifi also extended his deep gratitude to engineer Mukhtar Al-Shaddadi, who is considered one of the most prominent qualified cadres in the governorate and who is characterized by high morale and a sense of responsibility. He thanked Dr. Ali Al-Dawil for his efforts in the management of the coordination and work of the organizations, and thanked the school administration and all the staff for their efforts, calling on the donors to cooperate with them for what is in the interest. Students at the county level thank the Department of Education for their great efforts in the county, wishing everyone luck and success

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