Universities do not accept institutional corruption Dr wrote. Abdulaziz Saleh Al-Mahouri

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The university, the institution of higher education and research, the beacon of enlightenment, the incubator of knowledge, the guardian of rights, the maker of the law and the people of the law.
The highest and most prestigious academic institution “for the promotion of its goals and the sublimity of its mission”, which gives it this status in all countries of the world. How could it not? It is the fortress of human thought at its highest levels and the development of the most important and precious social wealth, which is human wealth. It is also the product of ancient schools and philosophies, beginning with the idealism of Plato and Aristotle. realism and ending with Dewey’s pragmatic ethics.

Preparing and building people is its main purpose. It is a donor of society and provides it with producers, experts and specialists in various fields. Universities must remain far from political, religious and other movements and bodies, independent and distant from all partisanship, neutral and repulsive from all extremism. So that its message remains complete and its goals undiminished.

The foreign ethics and amended laws that were introduced in many of the institutions of the country in light of the weakness of the state, such as deductions from the salaries of employees of the institution to supplement its budget, giving and preventing unfair incentives and using them as a resource. of reward and punishment, employment of relatives, mediation, nepotism, selection, racism and other behaviors widespread in most countries. State facilities should not reach universities in any way, name or form.
It is not natural nor acceptable for rights to be violated, laws to be violated, administration to be dysfunctional, and education to be corrupted in its place and safety, in its strong fortress and solid shield, in the academic institution that built scientific buildings. and built human minds specialized in rights and their preservation, the law and its honor, morality and their application, and the sciences of administration and its application.

The prevailing situation in our country – unfortunately – has created dependency among some of the heads of those institutions, weakening their practical role of continuous inspection and follow-up, and making them forget their educational function in protecting the members of those institutions, preserving theirs. rights, and defend them. They entrusted the affairs of some colleges and centers to their deans and directors, who were the only ones who would decide on them. They became independent institutions from the parent institution.

Before the decision of the Minister of Finance on the transfer of salaries to banks, the salaries of educational staff members were deducted – under the justification of absence – within some colleges through their accountant on the order of their dean. Do these people realize that the presidents of all the universities on the planet cannot themselves influence the salaries of the educational staff under some justification? Legal disputes are guaranteed by law and its stability and reference.
Do they realize that this is a serious violation of the ethics of the Law on General Yemeni Universities and an obvious challenge that affects the independence and sanctity of the university?

Do university presidents know that after handing over the salaries to the banks, some people were so bold as to withdraw the salaries of administrative officers from the bank and spend them through the college accountant after deducting them?

We have reached a situation in which violations have become legitimate and guaranteed, and every call to reform the situation has become a challenge to an institutional figure.

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