Urgent: The first Israeli comment on the seizure by the Houthis of an Israeli cargo ship off the coast of the Red Sea

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An Israeli official commented on the seizure by the Houthi group of an Israeli cargo ship off the Yemeni coast.
The Israeli website Alie quoted an Israeli official: The Houthis attacked a cargo ship partly owned by an Israeli company and there were no Israelis on board.
Israel’s Channel 12 said: Tel Aviv is investigating the Houthis’ seizure of an Israeli cargo ship in the Red Sea.
Media sources reported that the Houthi group captured an Israeli ship, the Galaxy Leader, with 22 people on board.
Earlier, the group’s military spokesman, Yahya Saree, said in a new statement that their forces will target ships that fly the flag of the Zionist entity, are operated by Israeli companies and are owned by Israeli companies.

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