We lack leaders who put the interests of the nation before their own interests Anis Alouh wrote

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We, the Yemenis, are the people in the world who most glorify leadership and stand above the ruins to mourn the past of our ancestors and our previous civilization, fleeing to it because of our inability and the inability of our leaders to create. a brilliant gift for us and our present and future generations.

Most of the peoples of the world have a glorious past and leaders who made great and immortal achievements for those peoples. Those peoples did not stop at the ruins of their past, because we stand at that past to mourn its ruins. Rather, those countries and peoples continued their way to become today the pioneers of progress, urbanization and sophistication at the world level.
The Chinese did not stand on the ruins of the civilization of their ancestors, nor sing the praises of the Great Wall of China, which is considered one of the wonders of the world, rather, we see them today, and they brought their present and industrial progress to every home on this earth, to conquer the world with its industrial and scientific civilizational progress.
Indeed, there are countries that have no past to be proud of, and we see them today creating a brilliant gift for their people thanks to their successive leaders who did not cling and cling to the seat of power and appropriate it for their people. own interests, but rather dusted off the people of their countries to draw for their obscure countries a brilliant gift on the map of the scientifically and industrially advanced world, and America, Malaysia and Singapore are the best witnesses of this.

Our problem, we Yemenis in particular, and Arabs in general, is to glorify leaders and make them holy idols, while we find nothing in them but misery, wars, poverty and backwardness. If these leaders fall, the nation will fall into the abyss. of interwars between the various parties and sects in it, because those leaders put their interests and maintaining the seat of power above the interests of the development and progress of their people. And their homelands, and with their disappearance, the nation drowns in; a flood of conflicts and civil wars

The British, although the famous leader Winston Churchill was the one who achieved victory for them in the second world war over the German leader Hitler, when Churchill entered the elections after the war, he lost and the English did not elect him. They said their famous saying : “Who is fit for war, not fit for peace and construction”, and they did not build statues of their great leader, Churchill, on the streets. London and he returned only a man who passed one day on a page. of their long history

When we, the Yemenis in particular, and the Arabs in general, will realize that the past is lessons and lessons from which we take the useful and discard from it the harmful and the unprofitable into the depths of the graves of the past, and that digging up those graves are nothing more than asking for the resentments and conflicts that exhausted a nation at whose ignorance the nations laughed??

When we will be able to choose leaders who put the interests of the nation above their own and build on what is useful from our ancient past and connect it to our present and its renewed interactions to build a nation and a generation that keeps pace with development, progress, and the accelerating scientific revolution the world is witnessing??

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