Wherever there is justice, there is motherland!!| Justice Anis Jamaan wrote

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Judge Anis Jamaan

▪️Wherever there is justice, there is a homeland. That is why the Prophet, God bless him and give him peace, did not emigrate from Mecca because of the unbelief of its people, rather he immigrated because of their injustice, and he did not order his companions to emigrate to Abyssinia because of the faith of its ruler, but rather because of his justice!!

▪️Love for one’s homeland is closely linked to love for religion. Love for the homeland is achieved through love for religion, because the principles and values ​​of the Islamic religion encourage love for the homeland, as the Messenger of God, God bless him and grant him peace, said when he left Mecca: ( How good country you are and how beloved you are to me, and if my people had not driven me from you, I would not have lived in any other).[رواه الترمذي].

▪️The homeland we are talking about cannot just be a place of residence or a name that we put on the identity card, passport, etc., but rather the homeland is the place in which we live and in which we establish a certain civilization. in all its manifestations. It is the embrace and the safe haven to which our souls and souls take refuge, and the great house that shelters us, because we are born in it, raised, nurtured, and grow in its care, and in which our dreams grow, and we wish to die and be buried in it!!

▪️Today, justice in our country is collapsing due to nepotism and regionalism, and it has become feudal for a specific group of people based on the rule of the nearest being entitled to what is right, while the nation finds its sons gnawing at its body. , tearing it apart with their teeth like stray dogs, and cutting it into pieces in the name of false revolutionary slogans, which today have become the laughing stock of everyone!!

▪️Justice and motherland are two paths that complete some people who must be reformed from within, and we first start with justice, because it is the building of the oppressed in every time and place, and it is a priority to purify sincere souls in it by giving rights to their affiliates as acquired rights, which each claims as one class, one voice and one heart. We promised together that justice must be a tent for all, in which we can seek shade to restore rights, and in which the shepherd will be a shepherd a father who does not differentiate between his flock, or arrogant over them, seeking whatever he can get, so that injustice does not spread to the land and the people!!

▪️We wrote about injustice again and again, and one of our closest lovers covered us with his fire, and injustice became a title for us, until it seems to us that the homeland is disappearing and disappearing away from ourselves, for an abyssal horizon, about that we have no right to rejoice as they rejoice, and the chains in it are chained in the world. No mistake, how they divided it among themselves, but injustice will not last and every oppressor has an end, and the oppressor will be drunk for what he pressed!!

▪️Islam, to which we belong, forbade injustice because its consequences are catastrophic and its evil is great, and therefore God forbade it because of the aggression and evil it brings with it and the spread of corruption on earth and hatred and enmity between people , and injustice, when applied, means serious polytheism, as declared in the saying of the Almighty: ((The unjust have no protector or intercessor to be obeyed.) [غافر: 18]And God Almighty said of injustice: (And the unjust have neither a guardian nor a helper).[الشورى: 8]And God Almighty also said: (And whoever is unjust among you – We will make him taste a great punishment.)[الفرقان: 19].

▪️ Advice: We must be sincere in achieving justice between the subjects without diminishing, and sincere in loving our country and loving it with pure love. We must love it without raising false slogans that appear on the surface like loyalty, love and sacrifice, but on the surface is robbery and injustice to others, and stay away from regionalism, favoritism, etc. Our love for the motherland is through true belonging to it, striving to spread peace, security and harmony throughout it, and to achieve social justice for all. !!

▪️ In conclusion.. We always repeat the saying, wherever there is justice, there is homeland!!

Judge Anis Saleh Jumaan

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