Who will return Yemen’s compass in the right direction? Written by Hassan Al-Subaihi

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Unfortunately, there has been a crisis of war and devastation in Yemen
Complex, even very complex.

A safe way out of this war is not in the hands of the elites
Who thinks or boasts that she rules and dominates the scene.

The regional and international interventions that have the upper hand in the management of the conflict in Yemen are those that control the decision and work to manage peace and war whenever they want.
In accordance with its interests.

Not as those who claim to rule the country want
They have no decision to make in the corridors of politics except what is dictated to them by the authorities.

The scene is still unclear
There are no solutions on the horizon
In light of a raging war in all aspects of life.

Storms, strong winds and poor political, security and economic conditions continue to wreak havoc in Yemen. No captain will be able to right the ship, no matter how skilled and experienced he is.

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