Abyan Governorate: The fight over taxes and the seat of the next governor.. Who will win? Written by Ali Mansour Moqrat

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I did not want to repeat writing about the miserable situation of Abyan Governorate and the quagmire of compulsory taxes and taxes because I have dealt enough with the suffering of its citizens and the hell of their lives. There is nothing new about this.. but I was provoked by some people who wrote against me and insulted me with obscene and obscene words in defense of some leaders. Those are poor people. I respect and salute them. Why?? Because they cause less damage to the county, even if they get a small reward.
Regarding the issue of compulsory taxes and taxes, I salute the great national military commander, Brigadier General Sanad Al-Rahwa, commander of the Abyan axis, who pronounced and ordered the ban on taking taxes in the points controlled by the axis units during most of his troops are stationed on the battle fronts. Brigadier General Al-Rahwa deserved the respect and pride of the people of Abyan, Aden and elsewhere, and I hoped that the rest of the military and security leaders would emulate him… but unfortunately, they left the people with their terrible silence.
Yesterday, I met with Brigadier General Al-Khader Muzamber, Director of the Department of Personnel Affairs at the Ministry of Defense, and next to me were four or three figures, one of whom was the son of a former Free Patriot Governor of Abyan Governorate. discussed the issue of mandatory taxes and balance. But unfortunately, I declare sincerely, don’t worry. The taxes and scales will remain because the county is without a budget. I was not surprised by this answer, because I know my friend, and he is a dear friend who lived and lived. for years. He is naturally good and has morals, but he is the one who shares and blesses this shameful act, which has exhausted millions of citizens due to the daily increase in food. And gas, etc.. knowing that the first name is; the candidate of the Abyan Governor with the support of senior decision makers..

Many people are asking me about the leaks of the names of the candidates to succeed Major General Abu Bakr Hussein in the seat of the governor. They will not find the answer from me. But according to my own conviction, I call for the survival of Abu Bakr Hussein, a thousand times better than a new person on the black list only supported by the STC and others. Maybe Abu Bakr Hussein is a man who could, with all his strength. , stand neutral and hold the stick of the middle, and did not get carried away or sin and call war here and there. He possesses administrative skills and intelligence, and has achieved some achievements in a military situation, but he has many negatives , and I am the one who attacks him the most.
If decision-makers want to deal with the tragedy of Abyan and pull it out from under the rubble of the rubble of war, poverty and hunger, they must choose a consensual, clean and respectable figure. A wise man who is not fanatical, regional or partisan, and if I mention names, mentioning them is of no use, if the influential people insist on one name, the one who will come, even if his hands are stained not only by corruption but; with blood. It is true that there is a consensus on Major General Ahmed Al-Basr Salem, Deputy Chief of the General Staff, but he He will not accept it, including Lieutenant General Abdullah Salem Al-Nakhai, who is a pure person, Sheikh Jamal Al- Aqil, who is a well-known sensible person, and Brigadier General Sanad Al-Rahwa, who made his name famous by supporting the ban on taxes. There are also four districts of Yafaa in Abyan Governorate. But it is suppressed and completely isolated from the balances, which means that it has been out of the equation for decades. It is supposed to be given to a national figure, including the governor, for example, the parliamentary representative Sheikh Qasim Al-Kasadi, who has prestige , integrity and competence.

I am sure that this large population area is still in a very marginalized corner. The speech is long and there is no need to elaborate. The officials rarely read, while citizen readers are helpless and suffer injustice, injustice and pressure. But the injustice will not last long and will not last
(And those who have done wrong will know which way they will turn.) God Almighty has spoken the truth.

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