Aden calmed down from the chaos of degrees, and the supply did not stop because it came from God Written by Abdullah Salem Al-Diwani

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Days have passed since motorcycles were banned from moving in Aden due to the chaos they cause and serious violations of the traffic system. Aden and its people have calmed down from that noise and danger that caused many accidents to users of those bicycles and to pedestrians. and vehicles in general.

Chaos and randomness are the actions of people who see their interest above the public interest, and if some justify it with some of their livelihood. As for livelihood, it is a gift from the Creator to the created being, and it is not and requires effort and the search for more than one craft and source of livelihood.

Is it not God who says: ((And We send down from the water that which is measured)) meaning that God knows the interests of the people before the servants realize it.

Life goes on despite crises, wars and their difficulties, and the industrious are those who seek their livelihood in various and public fields, repeating the wisdom that says: Strive, O my servant, and I am the Provider.

Someone may say: Why were these bikes not banned in other counties? Here it is sufficient to answer that Aden is the capital of the south, and today it is also the temporary capital of legitimacy, and the Transitional Council has the upper hand in it. That is why it needs Aden, the capital, to be a model of order and cleanliness, and to overcome slums that are harmful to its reputation. Aden and its appearance deserve that attention, because it opens its arms to everyone who comes to it without limits or restrictions, unlike Sanaa and Taiz, which have become the monopoly of the coup plotters and those who support them, as well as Taiz, which has become an emirate for the Brotherhood and their forces, according to the testimony of most of the simple residents of Taiz. oppresses people and uses the most severe harm to people, far exceeding what the forces were. Afash practiced in Taiz before its collapse on 21/9/2014 AD, and at a time when we praise the effort made by the local authority in Aden and its security services in the success of this campaign, which requires it to neither retreat nor slacken in its continuation in the future, and in return

The municipality in Aden must, in coordination with community committees, Aden celebrities, and businessmen, make statistical questionnaires for the people of Aden who do not have jobs and have academic and professional levels, and in coordination with modern loan banks ( Al-Qutaybi Bank, Aden Bank , Inma, and others) so that they can get some soft loans to create activities. It has a financial benefit for those young people to live with their various sources, which are many for every hardworking person.

Everyone in their office requires that it make such a census and questionnaire and present appropriate proposals to their youth, because these things are an important and essential part of their responsibilities.

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