After Gaza!!!| Written by Hussein Al-Baham

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Hussein Al-Baham

– If we want to know what will happen after Gaza, we must carefully read the current events on the Palestinian and Arab scenes from all angles, whether from the religious, geographical or political angle, and treat these events with a systematic, professional approach. perspective looking impartially at the political, religious, and media secretions on the battlefield, guided by a methodology Honest analysis through which we can know the latent intentions of Israel in this war.

To reach that truth, we must first acknowledge that the battle is a battle of existence, not a battle of boundaries. That battle is a unique battle of its kind, because it relied on creating awareness and social opinion to achieve its goals. to achieve a logical and rational analysis, we must know the goals and what is behind them.Goals.

– Of course, every battle has stated goals and hidden goals. Here we will explain Israel’s stated goals in its war against Gaza, which are:-

1- Elimination of the Hamas resistance movement.
2- Securing Israel from any other terrorist attack after the Al-Aqsa Flood attack.
3- Fight against Islamic terrorism
4- To restore confidence in the Israeli army before its people and the countries of the world after the failure of October 7.
5– To prevent the emergence of any Islamic movement in the future that threatens the security of Israel.

– These are the declared goals, but there are hidden goals, and they are called in the political world beyond the goals, and they are the most dangerous because they establish the future of countries.. Of course, I am not a political analyst. , but I try to work only with the materials I have at hand, and I may be wrong, and I may be wrong in this simplified analysis that I will deal with. Unfortunately, there are Arab countries participating in this war against the people. from Gaza.

The ongoing war is a war of existence, as I mentioned above, and existence means survival and complete control, and survival is only for the strongest. From here, the hidden goals and the role of the Arab rulers participating in this battle with the children of Israel against the people of Palestine were set up.

– The high hidden goal of Israel is the forced displacement of the people of Palestine, but that goal will only be achieved in stages and with the participation of Arab and Muslim countries, but that Arab participation must have a cover through which it can participate for fear of the popular opinion of these countries, especially since the issue of Palestine is a pivotal issue for the peoples of the Islamic nation… Therefore, in order to achieve this goal, several stages have been set up to work, among which: –

The first stage, militarily: This requires bombing northern Gaza and forcing citizens to leave for southern Gaza to maintain their safety, and this is what was announced by Israel. Of course, this part was met with objection and rejection by the people of Gaza, including of Arab statements denouncing and denouncing that displacement, but the air cover The indiscriminate bombing of hospitals and schools, cutting off communications, and preventing fuel and food played a role in achieving this aspect, forcing some residents to flee.

The second stage was the bombing of schools, including the displaced, and besieging and storming hospitals under the pretext of the presence of Hamas tunnels under those hospitals.

The third stage is the most dangerous, most sensitive and precise, through systematic action to displace the people of Gaza with the participation of Arab countries under the name of humanitarian action due to the genocide to which the people of Palestine are exposed.
Some countries that are in favor of Israel have announced their rejection of the practice of Israel to exterminate the people of Gaza, and from this point of view, and the concern to avoid genocide, they announce their acceptance to host the treatment of patients in their hospitals at the expense of His Majesty the Emir.
Some Arab countries also announced to send floating hospitals at their own cost for the wounded and sick. Of course, this is a systematic and smooth work done by those countries.
Displacing the people of Gaza under the name of humanitarian work.

Of course, this humanitarian mission was dropped by America and Israel on those Arab countries as a role attributed to them in this war to facilitate the ground military operation for Israel after the people refused to leave the hospitals despite the annihilation to which they were subjected. here we can be sure that he put poison in the honey for the people of Palestine. It was done through siblings.

– The question: Which is the Arab country to which the people of Palestine will be displaced after the second phase of the military component of bombing southern Gaza, including it? It is about Jordan, which is the weakest link of the ring countries, considering the pressure Israel has on it to sign the agreement with it. The cries of the minister of foreign affairs and the raising of his voice are nothing more than proof that Jordan has discovered these hidden goals and that the displacement has become an inevitable reality. We will wait together for the results of the war in southern Gaza, which will be decisive to achieve Israel’s hidden goals if it wins there.
Hussein Al-Baham

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