Al-Houthi… rules Bab al-Mandab Written by Ahmed Saeed Karama

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This is what happened and is happening today due to the confusion and failure of the Arab coalition led by Riyadh in Yemen. The region before the world will be consumed by the fire of Houthi control over one of the most important shipping lanes in the world, Bab al-Mandab .

Al-Houthi will release the seized or detained Israeli ship, and in this way he will convey a message to the region and the whole world that he has become the de facto controller of the Bab al-Mandab Strait. Most international shipping companies will not take any longer to risk challenging the Houthis in the passage, because that would mean being exposed to piracy or direct military targeting, and thus the ratio of High risks will lead to a doubling of insurance, and many maritime transport companies can resort to long routes that are. safer and less expensive in the future.

Iran has proved that it has the upper hand over the Houthi decision in Sanaa. Your brother is hated, not a hero. Iranian support is not limited only to traditional and quality weaponry, but also extends to huge financial support by giving oil derivatives and Iranian. domestic gas that reaches Hodeidah. Iran has become an artery for the Houthis. Life and the only lung with which he breathes, and therefore there is no choice but to fulfill the orders of the Iranian Supreme Leader in Yemen, even if this is taken into account. suicide

Why did Iran entrust the Houthi militias with the task of targeting the Israeli deep, and not the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces, its militias in Syria, or the Lebanese Hezbollah, despite their proximity to Israel?

Israel will retaliate against the Houthis by targeting the ports of Hodeidah, Sanaa Airport, and some important military, security and intelligence targets in areas controlled by the Houthi militias later. Israel’s target bank is very limited in Yemen due to the lack of strategic objectives. goals, and no sanctions of any kind will be useful or even deterrent.

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