Al-Kathiri discusses with Dr. Al-Jariri the situation of the oil company in the capital, Aden

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Aden ((Aden of tomorrow)) special

Mr. Ali Al-Kathiri, Acting President of the Southern Transitional Council and President of the National Assembly, met today, Monday, with Dr. Saleh Al-Jariri, Director General of the Oil Company in the capital, Aden.

The meeting attended by Mr. Nasr Harhra, Rapporteur of the National Assembly, and Brigadier General Ahmed Hassan, head of the Security Department of the Council, discussed the general situation of the company, its efforts to supply the local market by oil derivatives, its programs to develop and organize the work of government and private stations, and its plans to maintain the stability of the supply situation. .

The President of the National Assembly praised the efforts made by the oil company to ensure the need of the local market for petroleum derivatives and to ensure the continuation of the process of pumping them to private and private stations, emphasizing that the leadership of the Southern Transitional Council strives. to support all efforts that would improve and develop the general situation in the south. At all levels.

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