Al-Kathiri praises the efforts to impose security and stability in Lahj Governorate

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Aden ((Aden of tomorrow)) special

Mr. Ali Al-Kathiri, Acting President of the Southern Transitional Council, President of the National Assembly, was informed about the progress of security activity in Lahj Governorate.

This happened during his meeting, today, Monday, with Brigadier General Pilot Ahmed Muhammad Al-Junaidi, Director of Lahj Governorate Security, where he heard a comprehensive explanation from him about the efforts made by the security services in the governorate, to establish security. and stability, and to maintain public tranquility for citizens.

Al-Kathiri praised the efforts made by the security services in the Lahj governorate, to control the movements of terrorist elements, fight all kinds of crimes and control subversive elements that aim to spread chaos in the governorate.

The Acting President of the Transitional Council emphasized the importance of intensifying efforts, raising alertness, maintaining high security readiness and continuous follow-up to address all security issues, expressing his appreciation for the successes achieved by Lahj security at various levels.

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