Al-Musaybli: Three dangerous goals for Yemen arranged by Al-Houthi due to his seizure of the Israeli ship

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(Aden Al-Ghad) Specialty:

Yesterday the Houthi group detained an Israeli ship off the Yemeni coast.

An adviser to the Yemeni minister of information, Ahmed Al-Musaybli, said that the detention of the Houthis of this ship is to establish three dangerous goals for Yemen and the Arab countries.

Al-Musaybli showed through his account on the “X” platform, saying: The seizure of the Israeli cargo ship “Galaxy Leader” by the Houthis is not a victory for Gaza, as claimed by the Houthis of Iran, but rather for dangerous purposes, including :

– Bringing Western and Zionist warships to control the Red Sea and Bab al-Mandab under the pretext of protection against piracy, while it is to strangle the Arab countries and control and monitor international trade routes.

-Polish the terrorist group of Iran Houthi, which killed Yemenis and destroyed Yemen, and which was almost overthrown two months ago by the people demanding their robbed salaries.

– Supporting the Houthis with dangerous weapons to complete the next terrorist battle to achieve the Zionist-Safavi project

Yesterday the Houthi group detained a ship belonging to an Israeli businessman.

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