Al-Saqqaq and Al-Sadiq thank the chairman of Hassan Club and his management for standing with them to join the youth team camp in Mukalla.

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Zanzibar (Aden of Tomorrow) Special

He thanked the players selected in the list, the penultimate junior team, and for participating in the Mukalla city camp, the President of the Hassan Club, the Director General of the Abyan Governorate Police, Brigadier General Abu Mishal Al-Kazmi, and his administration . , who have stood by the players of the club since the first time of selection, overcoming the difficulties, and equipping them with all the sports supplies so that they can highlight their talents and brilliance in the field. The final selections, in which the selected players will have the honor of wearing the jersey of the national junior team and representing Yemen in international forums.

Issam Al-Saqqaf and Muhammad Sadiq are distinguished by sporting talents that are not found among many. They are members of the Hassaniya school, which has highlighted many stars at national and international levels.

This interest of the club president and his management met with great satisfaction the sports street and the families of the players, because the process is not only sports, but rather an educational, social, cultural and sports responsibility with us. Congratulations to the players for having a good management such as the administration of Abu Mishal Al-Kazmi, which serves the interests of its people to appear honorably in international forums. .

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