Algerian journalist: Only the mentally ill believe the Houthis

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(Aden Al-Ghad) Specialty:

An Algerian journalist commented on the Houthi group’s arrest of a ship belonging to an Israeli businessman off the Yemeni coast in the Red Sea.

The Algerian journalist, Anwar Malek, said that anyone who believes the Houthi group, which has devastated Yemen since its coup against the legitimate government, is anything but mentally ill.

“Malik” wrote in his post on the “X” platform: “No one believes the foolish Houthi except the one who is of unhealthy origin, of an unhealthy mind and of an identity owner.”

He added, “No one will be deceived by the preacher called Nasrallah except the one whose conscience, thought and faith are stained… No one will be deceived by Bashar except those who lost his honor, sold his land and made his honor cheap.. . No one will seek help from the Iraqi militias except those who mortgaged themselves, sold their souls to their enemy, and enjoyed their humiliation and humiliation.”

He added, “No one can trust the mullahs of Tehran except those who combined everything we mentioned, with Houthi, who destroyed Yemen, with his party, who destroyed everything beautiful in Lebanon, with Assad regime, who buried his dignity in his end. resting place, and with a general who handed starch Iraq to a foolish and despicable guard..!”

Anwar Malik’s tweet comes after the Houthi group captured an Israeli ship yesterday, Sunday.

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