Ben Brik’s status is superior to his competitors with his moderate personality which is suitable for the current stage!!| Written by Saeed Al-Husseini

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After reviewing the most prominent agreements that came out of the back discussions of the Presidential Leadership Council in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, regarding deciding the list of candidates to assume the leadership of the state of the Ministerial Council of the legitimate government , by an absolute majority, the following candidates were agreed upon, and they are: –

1- Abdullah Al-Alimi, member of the Presidential Leadership Council.

2- Salem Saleh bin Brik, His Excellency the Minister of Finance

3- Muammar Al-Eryani, His Excellency the Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism.

Because the regional and international political trends aim to achieve progress in establishing the foundations and pillars of permanent peace in Yemen, south and north, as required by the stage to prepare and pave the ground for a peaceful dialogue free from the language of violence,

From this point of view, the Ansar Allah Houthis took the initiative to exempt members of the previous government that took aggressive, hostile positions by strengthening the spirit of political extremism to the other party. Therefore, the good intentions must begin with a real response to the need. to replace them with moderate government figures who contribute to formulating the foundations and aspirations of the desired peace.

Ben Brik’s status has always surpassed his competitors as a (moderate) figure that suits the current stage!! He is not hostile and has harsh political speeches, in addition to his integrity and good leadership, unlike his competitors of other candidates.

Al-Alimi is known for the excessive political extremism of the Yemeni Islah Party, and in the same context, Al-Eryani is known for the political extremism of the General People’s Congress and the hostile political spirit against Ansar Allah Al-Houthis. Ben Brik’s state is more likely than his rivals to gain the authority of the Presidential Council and of the regional and international community as a moderate personality suitable for… The current and next stage, and in the coming days, the Republican decision will be issued naming the prime minister, if it has not yet been issued or published….

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