Ben Laghbar: The peace negotiations in Riyadh ended in failure

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(Aden Al-Ghad) Specialty:

Journalist Salah Bin Laghbar revealed the failure of the new round of negotiations in Riyadh regarding bringing peace to Yemen.

Ben Laghbar said in a long tweet on the “X” platform: The new round of negotiations in Riyadh, which was supposed to culminate in the signing of a road map last week, which includes economic and humanitarian aspects to be a basis on which to build. peace negotiations, failed, despite the intensive efforts of the countries concerned, especially the Kingdom.

He indicated by saying, “What happened is that the Houthi militia reneged on all the agreements and raised the ceiling of their demands again, including (for representation but not limited to) the salary file.”

He added, “The Houthis have returned and insisted on delivering oil and gas revenues to the bank it controls in Sana’a, and paying salaries from those revenues, which is rejected by the Transitional Council, and supported by the Leadership- Council. To overcome that. point of disagreement, Riyadh offered to pay all the salaries of employees in the north for a period.” In general, but the Houthis refused to do so, not caring about the suffering of the people in the areas under their control.”

Laghbar pointed out, “The Houthis insist on transferring the central bank to Sana’a, which the STC also rejects. There was an agreement for the bank to remain in Aden, provided that a joint operation room for the bank would be created in an Arab country, but the Houthis withdrew from that agreement after its previous approval.”

Laghbar said, “There are also many points from which the Houthis withdrew after previous agreements, and they always talk about the economic aspect, which means further damage, especially since the Houthis began to use a new method of pressure on the economic crisis through piracy. and threatening the navigation in the Red Sea, to raise The costs of maritime transport and insurance, which will mean a new wave of high prices that the citizen will not bear, which the Houthis see as a way to put pressure on the Leadership Council and the coalition, this means that people starve to achieve political gains.. Conclusion.. It goes without saying that the political side has not seen any progress. “.

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