Building a partnership between the Council of the Southern Journalists and Media Syndicate, Abyan, and the Anhad Foundation for Development and Empowerment

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Abyan ((Aden of tomorrow)) Naif Zein Nasser

As part of the program of activities and meetings of the Council of Southern Journalists and Media Professionals, Abyan Governorate Branch, a meeting was held this morning, Monday, November 20, 2023 AD, which included the leadership of the Council of the Southern Journalists and Media Professionals Syndicate, Abyan Governorate Branch, represented by Mr. Muhammad Nasser Al-Awlaki, Head of the Branch, with the leadership of the Anhad Foundation for Development and Empowerment, represented by the President of the Foundation, Professor Hoda Al-Yafei Umm Hani, in the presence of Faisal Al-Saeedi, the rights and freedoms official, Jamal Hussein, the financial officer of the branch, Nayef Zein, the organization and activities official in the Abyan branch of the union, and Ahmed Mahdi and Nizar Al-Hafera, members of the union’s Abyan branch council.

At the beginning of the meeting, Al-Awlaki expressed his sincere thanks and appreciation to Mrs. Umm Hani, President of the Foundation, for the generosity of the Foundation to host the third periodic meeting of the branch and prepare its supplies due to the lack of readiness of the headquarters of the branch. In his speech, he praised the efforts of the President of the Anhad Foundation in dealing with a number of issues, problems, problems and needs related to the lives of citizens in the Khanfar District and the city of Jaar, as well as Abyan Governorate, appreciating what the head of the institution presents on her Facebook page and the media regarding various targeted topics, especially topics related to investigative journalism.
In turn, the person responsible for rights and freedoms in the union branch spoke praising the role and programs of the Anhad Foundation and the head of the institution, Mrs. Hoda Al-Yafei Umm Hani, touching on a number of issues related to rights and freedoms and activities, which can be coordinated between the branch and the institution.
The rest of the members and the Abyan branch of the union also spoke at the meeting, touching on some topics and issues in the journalistic and media aspects, appreciating the role and efforts of the Anhad Foundation for Development and Empowerment Abyan and what it it. proposals in some aspects.

The President of the Anhad Foundation, in turn, welcomed the leadership of the Trade Union Council, Abyan Branch, expressing his happiness at the visit of the Council of the Trade Union Abyan Branch to the Anhad Foundation and to sit and discuss some issues, topics. and concerns of common interest aimed at serving the community, underlining the Foundation’s welcome to build a partnership with the Southern Journalists and Environmental Journalists Union, Abyan Branch, and organize meetings. Business programs and joint activities underlining the importance of teamwork, solidarity and integration of efforts to serve the public interest.

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