Childhood in her memory…between the hammer of war and the anvil of annihilation Written by Sha’i bin Wabar

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Today, Monday, is the anniversary of International Children’s Day, which coincides with the date of signing of the International Convention on the Rights of the Child on November 20, 1989 by 192 countries.
Let us abandon the false formalities, and let us delve into the tragedies of childhood in wars that amputated the limbs of that childhood, cut out its eyes, paralyzed its movement and distorted its beauty.

A childhood between the streets and the traffic of cars, looking for her livelihood, to make ends meet for her family after the scandalous high prices and miserable situation forced her to do so.
A childhood that was violated in brutal, frightening crimes. Sometimes she was raped, kidnapped, and sometimes exploited for hard work or despicable action.
Childhood was lost between abuse of modern techniques and technology and poor education. Misfortunes and problems increased, causing society to be negatively affected and its fabric disintegrated.

Childhood was exterminated in Gaza in terrible scenes of children’s body parts in a mass, as a result of the bombing of the pig by Israel, the support of the air pump of the United States, the complicity of the West, the condemnation of the Arab and Islamic rulers. , and the betrayal of the supporters.
Where are children’s and human rights, West? With which you beat our heads day and night, it evaporated and disappeared before the crimes of the pig in an unprecedented genocide, because neither hospitals nor schools were spared.

Woe to you and your human rights! Which the pig desecrated before your eyes as you watched, and your ugliness reached the point of justifying its bombing in self-defense!
A childhood torn between the hammer of raging wars in various parts of the world and the anvil of a brutal, barbaric Israeli genocide unprecedented in human history.

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