Commenting on the Houthi seizure of a ship… human rights activist: Israeli-American intentions in the Red Sea may harm Yemen and the region

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Writer and political activist Sarah Abdullah Hassan commented on the Houthi group’s arrest of a ship owned by an Israeli businessman yesterday off the Yemeni coast.

Sarah said on the “X” platform: “After killing tens of thousands of Yemenis, displacing millions, arresting thousands of women, exchanging some of them and forcing children to participate in its senseless wars, Iran is trying to make Al-Houthi a national hero who supports our brothers in Gaza!”

She added, “This is not strange, but what is strange is the contradictory harmony on the part of Israel and America to solidify this story and cast doubt on it at the same time!”, which confirms that there are hidden intentions planned by both. sides related to Yemen, Bab al-Mandab, and the region in general, and it is an asset for them because of the current situation, Long Live Yemen.

He replied, “This does not mean that they are thinking about occupying it, but it is enough for them to just take measures against Yemen that will make the matter worse, and that is enough to serve their interests in the region.”

She pointed out, “In the announcement of the Israeli army that the seizure of a ship by the Houthis today, as a dangerous incident, is a prelude to using this card (it must not be soon) denying that the ship and its crew are Israeli !”

She said, “Weeks before that, Israel denied its connection with the missiles that landed in various parts of Sinai, and confirmed that they came from the southern Red Sea, suggesting that the Houthis were behind them. The Pentagon also indicated previously that this the an American ship (USS Mason) faced some Houthi missiles and marches that I tried to target it, and despite all this, the United States or the Security Council did not take any action against him, and did not even propose to include him again on the terrorist list, as Trump did, so the Biden administration came in and took his name off the list!”

She added, “On the other hand, the major powers, the first of which was America, worked to strengthen the Houthis, and pushed by all means to obtain internationally recognized legitimacy, pressuring the Presidential Command Council and the coalition, to accept a ceasefire, negotiate with it and reach a peace agreement that fulfills a significant part of its demands. After that, are we going to believe it?” This righteous son of Iran, who provides services to it and to these countries to destabilize the security of Iran. region, are we to believe that he really wants to confront Israel?

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