Community committees in Bir Ahmed appeal to the local authority to develop a solution to the spread of stray dogs

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The community committees in the Bir Ahmed area of ​​the Buraiqa District in the capital, Aden, appealed to the leadership of the local authority in the district to develop a solution to the phenomenon of the irrational spread of stray dogs between residential areas.

Recently, the phenomenon of the spread of stray dogs in residential areas has appeared.
In large groups, they move between houses, creating a state of terror and fear among citizens and children.

This phenomenon constitutes a source of great concern for families, because it can cause particular damage to children and the injuries it can cause them.

The community committees direct this appeal to the Director General of the Al-Burayqa District, Dr. Salah Al-Shoubji, thanking the efforts he makes to serve the residents of the district in all aspects.

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