Conclusion of the training program for early reading teachers in Marib

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Today, the Ma’rib Education Office finished the training program for teacher trainers in the early reading approach, which is supervised by the Ministry of Education and implemented by Save the Children within the Teaching and Learning Restoration Project funded by the World Bank.

During 8 days, 40 male and female trainers received many new skills and experiences in reading, which raise their efficiency to carry out the second phase of teacher training in the field of improving the results of training and qualification and improving the level of teachers’ skills.

During the inauguration, the Deputy Minister of Education, Dr. Ali Al-Abab, emphasized the importance of establishing such rehabilitation and training programs for teachers in the field in a way that improves their performance and efficiency, raises the level of academic achievement of students . , and improves the results of the educational process, especially in the first grades, because education is the focus for reconstruction, development and construction.

Al-Abab explained the great challenges facing the education process in the governorate as a result of the war launched by the terrorist Houthi militia against the Yemeni people and the destruction of all institutions. The education sector was the first sector targeted with the aim of the ignorant . generations, controlling their minds and filling them with myths of selection, sectarian ideas and the culture of hatred with the aim of controlling them and using them. As fuel for the war and destruction projects that it leads in Yemen.

Al-Abab pointed out that the large displacement process to the governorate, the situation of teachers and students, the educational environment, especially in the displacement camps, is deteriorating, and the great overcrowding of classrooms with students, which has reduced the skills of teachers. and the ability of students to achieve academic achievement, especially in the first grades that learn to read and write.
The Director of Training at the Education Office also pointed out the importance of raising the level of academic achievement, mainly by teaching early reading, writing and dictation to students in the first grades.

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