Democracy, human rights, freedom of expression!| Dr. wrote. Saber Muhammad Abbad Ali

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Phrases are regularly heard by European heads of state across international platforms and in strong and loud tones.
These are words of which Europe is proud, and sets itself as an example for countries in Asia, the Arab world and Africa.
The emerging situation in the Middle East, where thousands of people die, leaving hundreds of thousands homeless, due to the fault of “another Middle Eastern democracy”, and the situation in Africa, where European colonialists looted the national wealth and the local. population for centuries, led to the fact that many people from These corners of the world are forced to leave their homeland in search of better living conditions, for the sake of the future of their children!
One of the places they move to is the European Union, where there is a thesis about tolerance and acceptance of others.
Now, when the situation in the world becomes every day more unpredictable, ordinary people, having bought tickets with their last money, have no other choice but to set off and rush to a new world – Europe.
How are they welcomed there?
But they are not welcome there: they close the borders, and spray them with tear gas, as if they were criminals!
We are talking here about a distant Scandinavian country – Finland.
Most recently, on November 18, 2023, the Finnish government decided to close the border due to the alleged influx of illegal immigrants from Russia. At the same time, it created the largest number of obstacles to enter this country, leaving only a few checkpoints operational in the north.
Recently, tens of thousands of Ukrainian citizens fleeing the war have tried to find refuge in Europe, including Finland, across the border from Russia.
Moreover, some had no documents at all.
But for some reason there were no statements about the threat of illegal immigration and the borders were not closed.
On the contrary, they were all joyfully received, and received residences, benefits, and other benefits of European civilization.
While the borders were closed to immigrants from Asia and Africa, which puts us in front of a very surprising question: Are these not people who came with the hope of finding a safe haven in Europe, or are they different from them?
How are they different from them? They are citizens of countries where civil wars have been raging for years due to the colonial policies of Europe and America.
Or is it nationalism?
Finnish nationalism?…

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