Doctors specializing in internal medicine, anesthesia, intensive care, children, women and obstetrics arrive at Ahwar Hospital

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Ahwar (Aden of Tomorrow) Abdullah Al-Tahar

Four senior and well-known specialist doctors, who have a doctorate from the Arab Board, arrived at the Ahwar District Hospital this Monday morning, 20/11/2023, led by Dr. Safia Abdel Hadi Barahma, a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology, d- Mr. Fawaz Salem. Mohamed, a specialist in anesthesia, resuscitation and intensive care, and Dr. Kamal Saif Hayel, a specialist in internal diseases. Heart and Dr. Naeem Fadl Al-Yafei, a specialist in newborns and premature babies, to work in the framework of the extensive obstetric emergency project. carried out by the Field Medical Foundation (FMF) this morning, Monday, November 20, 2023 AD, which provides the hospital with medical staff in the first place, with 18 employees, namely 4 medical specialists (Arab Board). ) 2 surgical technicians, one anesthesia technician, one sterilization technician, 2 community midwives, three practical nurses, three cleaners, and two guards.

Brother Ahmed Al-Mudahdah Al-Jafri, Director of the Office of Public Health and Population, Ahwar District, Abyan Governorate, and Acting Director of the Ahwar District Hospital, said that today the first steps of the comprehensive obstetric emergency project were launched from the Field. Medical Foundation (FMF) with funding from the Population Support Fund (YHF), which aims to improve Access to integrated health and nutrition services.

Al-Mudahdah indicated that the Field Medical Foundation (FMF) intervened in Ahwar Hospital on August 1, 2023 in a general emergency providing 4 general practitioners, 3 medical assistants, 3 pharmacists, 3 laboratory staff, 5 nurses, 2 midwives, 6 nurses . staff, and cleaners, and we currently have 4 staff. Specialists and 4 general doctors, and the hospital will witness a qualitative change with the arrival of the specialists and the opening of the surgical operating room, which we will receive tomorrow, Tuesday. , God willing, all the equipment for the operating room with engineers who will install it and set up the blood bank. All this achievement was achieved thanks to God Almighty, then His Excellency the Minister of Health and Population, Dr. Qasim Bahibah and the Governor of Abyan Governorate, His Excellency Major General Abu Bakr Hussein Salem and his deputy, Brother Mahdi Muhammad Abu Bakr Al-Hamid, Secretary General of the Local Council, and Brother Dr. Saleh Qasim Al-Tharm, Director General of the Office of Public Health and Population in Abyan Governorate, and Brother Ahmed Haidan, Coordinator of the Field Medical Foundation (FMF) for Abyan Governorate, who is considered the veteran of the Foundation, and Colonel Ahmed Mahdi Ahmed, Director General of Ahwar District.

Emphasizing that everyone deserves thanks and praise from all the sons, sheikhs and tribes of Ahwar Bakazim, Ahwar Directorate, and thanks go to the Field Medical Foundation (FMF), led by the Executive Director, Dr. Maha Abadi and the project supervisor at the main office of the foundation, Brother Dr. Khaled Al-Rubaie, Dr. Ahmed Bishr, and to the project sponsor, the Humanitarian Support Fund (YHF).

Al-Mudahdah added, “And to be honest, we say that the field medical institution deserves an honor from His Excellency the Minister of Health and Population for its role and excellence in all its interventions throughout the country, although it is local and implementing projects . ., but with all sincerity we say that we see it with its tangible work with honesty, sincerity and mastery, better than international organizations that have the skills.”

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