Field visit by the Department of Environment at Hadhramaut University to the port of Mukalla and the Maritime Affairs Authority in the governorate

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Al-Mukalla ((Aden of Tomorrow)) Special

To create maritime awareness and inform students about aspects of maritime legislation, protection of the marine environment, and the role of maritime government bodies and institutions in this, Professor Naeem Abdul Qadir Al-Amoudi, Director General of the General Authority for Maritime Affairs branch in Mukalla, and his deputy, professor Nabil Abdullah bin Eifan, received this Monday morning, professor Iman Hassan Bathman, the lecturer at the College. Environment and marine biology in Hadhramaut University and some students from the college’s environmental department to learn closely. about the authority and its role in protecting the marine environment and providing students with field knowledge by inspecting ships in the port of Mukalla and learning about the labor system there.
The Director General of the Authority and his deputy welcomed the students and their supervisor, presenting them with a range of important knowledge in the maritime aspect, including learning about international and national maritime legislation regulating the work of maritime affairs, ports, international organizations and national . institutions responsible for legislation and implementation, in addition to introducing the tasks and objectives of the Authority to achieve maritime safety, preserve the marine environment and education. Maritime training, etc., and the Yemeni ports, their divisions and their role, especially the port of Mukalla . in the Yemeni Arabian Sea Ports Corporation.
The program of the visit included a field acquaintance with work on the port of Mukalla Port and boarding one of the ships moored there to take a closer look at the work and system inside commercial ships, especially the systems to protect the marine environment against pollution and the mechanisms to deal with fuel, oils and ballast water so as not to negatively affect the marine environment, listening to an explanation. Provided by the Branch General Director and the crew of the ship PRINCE 4.
This activity enters into coordination and cooperation between the General Authority for Maritime Affairs and the College of Environment and Marine Biology, and it is planned that a training program will be carried out soon that talks about maritime security and seaport management, carried out by the cadres of the Authority for the students of the college.

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