Galaxy Leader play| Written by Nayel Arif Al-Emadi

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The terrorist Houthi militia broadcast a video recording showing a group of terrorists using a military helicopter to control the Israeli ship and take it to the Yemeni coast, in a skit performed by the Houthi militia. He believed that he had achieved victory for the Palestinian. resisted and gained the Arab people’s sympathy, and doing so was wrong, because the Yemeni people are still suffering. Among that terrorist militia, which committed the most heinous crimes against the Yemeni people and practiced certain methods of killing, displacement and forced disappearance, a militia that killed children and women and destroyed mosques, hospitals, Koranic centers and the homes of opponents. What the Nazi Zionists are doing today in Gaza, the Houthi militia did against the Yemeni people, in Dammam, Taiz, Mar, Aden. and Saada. Al-Jawf, Amran, and all the Yemeni provinces that tried to control them. The seizure of the Israeli ship was nothing more than a planned operation that was prepared in advance by international intelligence to reduce media pressure on the massacres of the Zionist enemy in Gaza .

The question here is: Where do the Houthis derive their strength to threaten global trade routes?

Of course, and quite simply, the Houthis do not dare to throw a stone in the global shipping lanes until they return to their masters in Qom. We all know the extent of the close connection between the Zionists and the Shiites and their goal is to eliminate the Sunnis in the Arab Peninsula. The plans were made in the Iranian Qom and the Houthis were the ones who carried it out in a repeat of the theater targeting. Saudi Aramco headquarters,

Second, where is the intelligence received by the Houthi militia regarding the ship?

As is known, the Israeli ships do not fly the flag of the Zionist entity for fear of any security threat, where the Houthi militia obtained confirmation that the ship belongs to the Zionist entity, which raises some questions:

Third, there are American warships providing support to the Zionist unit from the Yemeni coast, spy planes from the Yemeni coast, and advanced radars, wherever the time of the kidnapping and attack was.

In conclusion, Al-Houthi excelled in staging the play, and the Arab street was divided between supporters of the operation, considering it a victory for the Palestinian resistance in Gaza. After the official Arab betrayal of the people of Gaza, some of whom considered the operation as a US-Iranian ploy to divert attention from the crimes of the Zionist occupation in Gaza, the Houthis are able to exploit opportunities and create a victory out of nowhere. ..,

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