He fell into a severe coma …. Sources reveal attempts to liquidate the head of the Teachers Club in a Houthi prison in Sanaa.

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Sanaa (Aden Al-Ghad) Specialty:

Sources close to the head of the Teachers Club revealed Houthi attempts to assassinate Sheikh Abu Zaid al-Kumaim in a Houthi prison in Sanaa.

The sources said that the Houthi militia is trying to assassinate Sheikh Abu Zaid Al-Kumaim, head of the Teachers Club, in the intelligence prison in Sanaa, through multiple methods, the most important of which are medical negligence, sleep deprivation and changing medications. .

The sources revealed that Sheikh Abu Zaid Al-Kumaim has been in a critical health condition for days and was recently transferred to Kuwait University Hospital.

The Houthi militia kidnapped Abu Zaid al-Kumaim on October 8 from his home after assaulting him with bullets, and refused to release him despite the directives of the Prosecutor in Sanaa to release him.

Sources close to his family confirmed that Sheikh Al-Kumaim fell into a severe coma a few days ago, and that his legs were no longer moving.

The sources confirmed that Al-Kumaim was tortured and deprived of sleep for days in Houthi spy prisons.

The sources believe that Al-Houthi gave him drugs other than the drugs he needed.

Some sources previously confirmed that the Houthi militia negotiated with Abu Zaid al-Kumaim to release him in exchange for him to stop demanding salaries, but the sheikh refused.

The Teachers Club organized a demonstration on Monday in Sanaa to demand the release of him and some kidnapped club leaders, and to demand the payment of salaries.

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