hollow feathers| Written by Issam Merisi

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In such difficult days that the country of the south is going through the political division before the declaration of unity, just like the country of the north, pens are burning trying to express what has befallen the country and the Yemeni people, in the north. and in the south, due to the deteriorating conditions of services and the complete absence of some of them due to economic damage, and there are feathers that tickle the dreams of southerners about the return of the flag with the red star. The attempt to glorify personalities and make them serve like magic keys to all the miseries that people suffer from in the south and north of the country, shining and decorating the survival of the country under the mandate of the coalition, which seemed at first glance like a flash that would help things and restore them to. normal. But later the issue transformed into a permanent residence and continuous hospitality, which became an iron collar that tightened the noose. On the citizen and gives the green light to those who manipulate and support them.
Such feathers are far from the suffering of the citizen. Their stomachs do not ache from hunger. They roam the most famous hotel restaurants and towers, and they have never lived in houses made of tin or palm leaves, as is the case. of many Yemenis who were forced to leave their homes and live under the umbrella of displacement in their country. They are people who were not overwhelmed by the summer sea when the air conditioners in their homes became decorations that decorate the walls.
Feathers that did not want to drink cold water in the cold summer heat.
They are borrowed pens whose purposes are to put ashes on the burning embers, to lower the thermometer of popular anger, to drum for figures who owe loyalty to the outside world, and to make of them statues of revolution and steadfastness.
But because these pens have not suffered, they are empty trumpets, whose echo is not heard in the angry street, rather they have been exposed, and no one pays attention to what they write or declare, even if they are disguised as patriotism and the interests of the citizen, because many of them are rented, and some of them just like to appear, so they write what they do not feel and make vague statements. Devoid of feeling and feelings.
Issam Merisi

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