Inaugural work on rehabilitation of the water network in some neighborhoods in the city of Al Dhalea

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Al-Dhalea (Aden of tomorrow) private

Today, work was launched on the project to rehabilitate the water network for Al-Arashi neighborhoods and crossings in the city of Al-Dhale, which is carried out by the Water Corporation in Al-Dhale Governorate and with the support of the International Committee of the Red cross

The inauguration witnessed the presence of some officials of the local authority and the Transitional Council, led by the Transitional President of Al-Dhalea District, Director General of the District, Abdul-Wasi Saleh, Director General of the Governor’s Office, Muhammad. Fadl Ismail, General Director of Transport, Wajdi Othman, Director of the Financial Department of the Directorate, Adel Obaid, and representatives of the Water Corporation and the International Red Cross.

The project includes the establishment of a new network in the Al-Arashi area after the damage and deterioration of the first network, in addition to completing the crossing network. This inauguration enters the project to rehabilitate the water network in all neighborhoods and regions. from the city of Al-Dhalea in the capital of the county.

The General Director of Al Dhalea praised the interventions of the Red Cross, encouraging citizens to collaborate with the work team to make the project successful and contribute to meet the needs of the local community in the district.

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