Installing a new transformer in the Sheikh Salem area in Abyan

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Written by: Najib Al-Daari

Recently, specifically at the end of last week, a new transformer with a power of 100 KV was installed in the area of ​​Sheikh Salem after the damage of their previous transformer, even after it was repaired many times by the General Electric Corporation, Abyan branch, and returned to work, but the transformer refused to continue, and the reason for this was the current, not from Sheikh Salem. Not only for all the villages located along the power transmission lines from the city of Jaar to the coastal city of Shakra.

After repeated reports received by the management of the General Electric Corporation, Abyan branch, represented by its director, engineer Mahmoud Makish, about the sabotage operations that affected Line 33, the main feeder to the city of Shaqra and its suburbs, by citizens living in the area of ​​Sheikh Salem, denouncing a radical solution to their transformer, and due to its desire to fulfill its obligations to its subscribers, the corporation directed The General Electricity Authority, Abyan Branch, imported a new transformer whose value was estimated at millions. of riyals, and installed it instead of the previous transformer in the Sheikh Salem area, to avoid the previous problems that occurred and cast a shadow on the coastal city without it having a camel or a camel.

Since then, the engineering teams of the Shaqra Electricity Emergency Department, represented by engineer Muhammad Al-Subaihi, and after prior coordination with engineer Hussein Bajaber, the supervisor of the operation department at the corporation, and brother Ahmed Al-Juhaini, the official about purchases. at the corporation, began to bring the transformer from the temporary capital, Aden, after which they installed the transformer for the Sheikh Salem area and restored electric power. For its residents, then the residents of the areas located along the main line 33 will enjoy peace . and the return of electricity to their villages according to the operating system followed by the control center of the Jaar electrical station.

In a short speech, Engineer/Mohamed Al-Subaihi praised the tireless efforts made by the Director General of the General Electricity Corporation, Abyan Branch, Engineer/Mahmoud Makish, and his continuous follow-up and directives to install another new transformer for the Sheikh. Salem area as a replacement for the previous transformer, which was exposed to a lot of damage and was out of service. Al-Subaihi also appreciated the Sheikh’s efforts. / Hussein Al-Hazil, director of the Shaqra region, and some social figures who sought to solve the problem of connecting the line and was a community interface eager to serve his community.

Finally, in turn, we thank Engineer Mahmoud Makish, Director of the General Electric Corporation, Abyan Branch, for his instructions to install the transformer, even if it arrived late, but it is better that it arrives late than not at all..
We also send a message to those who used the cutting of power lines as a way of looking at demand without paying attention to the suffering of citizens, fear God and beware of the call of that oppressed person ever…..

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