Journalist reveals details about the detained Israeli ship

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The editor-in-chief of the Observers Press news website, Majed Al-Daari, revealed the details of what the Israeli ship held by the Houthi group is carrying in Al-Salif port in Hodeidah.

Al-Daari said the ship had more than five thousand different cars on board.

Al-Daari wrote on his Facebook page, “5,500 different modern vehicles are on the merchant ship Galaxy Leader, which the Houthis hijacked yesterday from the depths of the Red Sea waters and forced it to dock at the quay of Al-Salif Port in Hodeidah , considering it is an Israeli ship.”

He added, “This means that the deal is profitable, whether the ship is British, Japanese or Israeli, because it has become in the hands of its parents, together with its cargo, and will not appear again from today, except with . at least a lucrative ransom!”

He pointed out, “It was led by a group that is being reclassified by the United States as a “terrorist organization” again, if it were not for the Saudi Arabian objection, so that its efforts and desire to sign a comprehensive peace agreement with it would not fail.”

Yesterday the Houthi group captured the ship “Galaxy Leader” belonging to an Israeli businessman.

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