Khaled Salman: The threats of the Saada group in the Red Sea will damage the Egyptian economy

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Yemeni writer and political analyst Khaled Salman revealed that an Arab country has been harmed following Houthi threats to maritime navigation.

Salman said through a post on the “X” platform that the Houthi threats in Bab al-Mandab will not cause any harm to Israel, but rather is a threat to the Egyptian economy.

Salman wrote: The threat to target ships coming to and from Bab al-Mandab and the Suez Canal not only harms Israel, but rather strikes at the heart of the Egyptian economy, not to mention the global energy economy.

He added, “Egypt will not accept the policy of suffocation and collective punishment that will be imposed, as a result of these Houthi antics, on its economy, tourism, and sources of national income.”

He pointed out, “The irony is that Al-Houthi is co-opted into politics by initiatives as a partner, with the aim of reintegrating him into his surroundings, while he declares that Yemen and the political process are not among his priorities. , and that he is part of Iran working as a rifle shoulder for its interests, even if the matter leads to the destruction of all of Yemen.”

He added, “After threatening the navigation line towards the Suez Canal, Egypt’s economy is in the realm of the Houthi rebellion, and therefore Egypt, too, will not remain silent.”

Yesterday, Sunday, the Houthi group seized an Israeli ship off the Yemeni coast belonging to an Israeli businessman.

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