Lauder’s General Manager emphasizes serving the citizen, eliminating distorting aspects and organizing public streets.

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Charger (Aden Al-Ghad) special

The General Director of Lawdar District in Abyan Governorate, Jamal Saleh Alala, confirmed the zeal of the leadership of the local authority in the district to facilitate essential services, activate offices and public facilities, remove distorting aspects and organize public streets, in coordination and common . collaboration with the leadership of the Southern Transitional Council in Lawdar District.

The Director General of the Directorate emphasized the need for national action, and the cooperation of the Loudari citizen with the governing authorities, so that the competent authorities can carry out their work to serve and develop society.

Jamal Alala, General Director of Lawdar, pointed out the importance of citizen interaction to strengthen relations between the board of the board and the people, the aesthetic view of public streets, and the removal of garbage piles, in addition to reducing congestion and traffic congestion.

Alala praised the leadership of the Southern Transitional Council in the Lawdar District for their positive interaction, and if this indicates anything, it indicates good intentions on their part in the national work, as well as the role of the security men and the security zone in the district in supporting him in completing the campaign and working to make it successful in the desired way.

Finally, the Director General of the Directorate warned violators who do not adhere to the rules and regulations in force, to take dissuasive measures against them.

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