Logitech G PRO X 2 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Headphones Review

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Logitech introduced the Logitech G PRO

the design

Logitech developed the G PRO

The headphones include graphene drivers that improve the listening experience of the user. On the other hand, the headphones come with some design changes, especially the hinge of the headphones.

The headset also has a metal frame, and includes an additional hinge in the headband that comes directly to the top of the ear cushions. This hinge allows each side of the ear cushions to be adjusted independently with the ability to flip the ear cushions flat when installing the headset on a desktop or around the neck.the user.

Logitech aims to make these small changes in the design to support the user with a comfortable experience wearing the headset for long periods during gaming sessions.

The PRO It is used to wear glasses, so it is a good addition to the design of headphones.

Headphone controls


Other audio adjustments can be controlled using the Logitech G HUB app on PCs or macOS devices.

Logitech G HUB app

The application greatly supports users of the Logitech G PRO

Through the application, the user will also have access to DTS

New updates for the headphone software are also available through the application. The application also supports the user with a smooth and fast experience in browsing the application functions, EQ settings or microphone.

Communication options on the headset

Logitech supports the G PRO

In the case of connection via Bluetooth, the headset supports the AAC and SBC codecs, but there is no support for the aptX standards for Android devices.

On the other hand, wireless connection is the best choice when playing games to get a quick response, and in the case of playing games on computers, or the PS5 video game device, wireless connection via USB dongle is the perfect choice.

A 3.5mm jack connection is also the best choice for Xbox consoles or portable gaming devices such as Nintendo Switch or Steam Deck.

Also, selecting Bluetooth is the least compatible option when playing games, as this option can provide good support when listening to music.

Bluetooth technology does not support multiple connection or simultaneous connection, as the user will be able to connect the headset to devices with a 3.5 mm jack if the headset is turned off, while the headset will support Bluetooth connection if connected with a dongle, but the headset will switch between the two options.

Battery life of the headset

Logitech confirmed that the G PRO

In practical testing of the headset with music playing at 75 decibels, the headset lasted a charge life of up to 88 hours and 27 minutes. However, the HyperX Cloud Alpha headset excels in charge life, but the headset will support the user with good. charging life based on the user’s style in gaming sessions.

Noise isolation performance of the headset

The Logitech G PRO

Also, if the microphone of the headset is disconnected or if the G PRO

The audio performance of the headset

The Logitech G PRO

Also, the mid-range sound does not decrease like headphones in the same category, and the company also focuses a lot on bass output, and the precise bass adjustment function improves the music listening experience to the highest level, with accurate details without the sounds of musical instruments blocking the sounds of singing or any sounds.. Others.

The audio experience in games is no different. While playing Apex: Legends on the PC, the audio experience was clear with accurate acoustics for every scene of explosions and gunfights without distracting the user.

The headset comes with DTS

The bass audio performance is also characterized by a very high level at the beginning, but the bass adjustment can also be controlled through the settings in the application. On the other hand, the multi-directional sound function does not give good performance during listening. music, so the user will have to turn off the feature after finishing the video playback.

Performance and quality of the microphone in the headset

The microphone in the Logitech G PRO

Blue Vo!ce software equalizes and adjusts the microphone, activates signal adjusters, decompresses and more.

Need to buy a Logitech G PRO X 2 LIGHTSPEED headset?

If you want to buy a high-end headset dedicated to gaming with an excellent audio experience and many functions, and support for connecting to various devices, then the G PRO It improves the user experience, but it is an average gaming headset.


The Logitech G PRO



  • Long battery charging life
  • Multiple options for communication
  • Ergonomic design
  • Good sound experience


  • Limited features
  • Does not support active noise cancellation
  • Call support varies from device to device

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