Major General Al-Ajabi appreciates the role of the coalition led by Saudi Arabia

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The Commander of the Third Storm Brigade, Major General Muhammad bin Abdullah Al-Ajabi, expressed his appreciation for the role of the countries of the Coalition to Support Legitimacy led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, emphasizing that it saved the country from a dangerous project to destroy the state, indicating that the danger still exists.

Al-Ajabi renewed the promise to the political and military leadership, represented by the President and members of the Presidential Leadership Council headed by Dr. Rashad Al-Alimi, and under the leadership of the Ministry of Defense and the Chief of the General Staff, underlining the continuity of the path of struggle and the decision to continue liberating the lands of the Republic of Yemen and its institutions and freeing the Yemeni capital, Sana’a, from the grip of the coup militias, either through peace or through war. .

Al-Ajabi extended sincere thanks and appreciation to His Excellency the Commander of the Joint Forces, Lieutenant General Mutlaq bin Salem Al-Azima, for all his efforts made to meet the needs of the brigade and the Yemeni Armed Forces.

Yesterday, the Third Asif Brigade celebrated the graduation of a group of members of the brigade from the first aid and medical evacuation course in cooperation with the joint forces of the Arab coalition led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

At the beginning of the ceremony, Major General Mohammed Al-Ajabi congratulated the graduating students of the course on first aid and medical evacuation, which was organized by the Third Asif Brigade with the participation of the Arab Coalition Forces, who will work to raise the level. of their skills in various departments.

Al-Ajabi said that this course will develop and enable the members of the brigade to gain experience and skills in the field of first aid and medical evacuation in the various circumstances and factors they face on the battlefield.

He added that this course comes in response to raising the level of skills and readiness of the heroes of the brigade, according to the directives of the Presidency of the General Staff and in accordance with the training program carried out by the training center to raise the skills and combat readiness of the heroes of the brigade in various specializations, underlining that this enters into the demands of the national battle with the coup-backed Houthi militia from Iran.

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