On the centenary of the martyrdom of the heroic leader Abdul Latif Al-Sayyid, commander of the security zone in Abyan Written by Abd al-Raqib al-Sunaidi

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One hundred days have passed since the martyrdom anniversary of the heroic leader Abdul Latif Al-Sayyid, commander of the Security Zone and of the Fourth Intervention in Abyan Governorate, on a bloody day that we remember and that all Sudanese remember. with all the sadness and sorrow of the nation, the day of his martyrdom on the tenth of August, after being exposed to a terrorist bombing that targeted him, together with the martyr Salah Al-Yousifi, the operational staff and the Sheikh. Muhammad Kraid Al- Jaadani and some heroes of the security zone in Wadi Omran in Modiya District that we lost due to the martyrdom of one of the brave leaders who dedicated his life to fight against terrorism and elimination of Brotherhood organizations.

For twelve years, the heroic martyr Al-Sayyid was ready to pursue terrorist elements, with his hand on the trigger since 2011 AD, when he formed the guerilla action factions “Popular Committees”, which were dedicated to fighting terrorism and cleansing the province of those criminal elements that were very carefully planted by the occupying forces, who set up camps and training for these organizations to target southern leaders, destabilize security and stability in the south and use them for various political purposes.

The martyr Al-Sayyid was subjected to many assassination attempts, but he survived them, in attempts by those terrorist elements to eliminate him, who tried with all their strength to plant those attempts in various places, with which he was wounded in his hand and parts of his body, and lost one of his eyes, but he did not retreat from the attack. The path he took in fighting terrorist elements and his retaliation in numerous military campaigns, in which hundreds of our brave heroes were martyred.

The martyr fought many battles with the southern forces in clearing the governorate of the fascist Houthi militias, together with the southern resistance forces led by the late hero Yaslam Al-Shurub, in addition to his participation in the expulsion of the central security forces from the capital Aden. under the leadership of the Al-Saqqaf brothers, and participating in the liberation of the Al-Anad region. Both the battles of the Brotherhood elements and the battles to cleanse the governor of terrorist organizations through Operation Arrows of the East 1 and 2, in addition to his participation with the heroes of the Shabwani elite in the battles to cleanse Shabwa of terrorist organizations under the leadership of the hero, Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Al-Buhar.

We left a brave, heroic leader who recorded immortal heroic attitudes in historical milestones, who created glory and outstanding milestones in the stages of the liberation struggles of the southern people, through which he embodied attitudes of redemption, sacrifice and bravery, as one of the outstanding military leaders at the level of the South. Congratulations to you, Abu Muhammad, for your martyrdom, so sleep soundly. You left a bright history that was not created by a leader like you, in every sense, and your name was recorded with letters of light in the pages of the history of the South and the stages of liberation.

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