Political analyst: The Houthi hijacking of the ship is childish actions that are in Israel’s interest

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The academic and political analyst Dr. Hussein bin Laqour: The seizure of the Israeli ship by the Houthi coup militia is to divert and publicize the crimes of the Zionist entity in Gaza.

He described Al Houthi’s action yesterday as childish actions that serve Israel a profit for his crimes in Palestine.

Laqour wrote on the “X” platform: “Hijacking international means of transport, including planes and ships, is no longer an acceptable act or a revolutionary act as it was in the 1970s. Rather, it has become, in the eyes of the world ., piracy and terrorism.”

He added, “The seizure of a commercial ship (Galaxy Leader), owned by an Israeli businessman, from international waters is an act that does not serve, neither far nor near, the defense of the people of Gaza before the criminal war. machine and the atrocities that it does against innocent people. Rather, it distracts and distracts the media from Israel’s crimes.” In Gaza, such childish actions serve the name of Israel before the world.”

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