Radfan.. Positive draw (2-2) decides Al-Omari’s match with the Slick team

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Radfan (Aden of Tomorrow) private

As part of the preparations made by the technical staff of the Al-Omari team in preparation for the next match on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of November..
This afternoon there was a friendly match between our Al-Omari team and the Slick team at the Al-Habilain Club Stadium.

From the whistle of referee Hamada Al-Haffar, the match witnessed, during both halves, strong competition, strong discipline and smooth control of the course of the game, especially from the Al-Omari team, which showed enthusiasm, fighting spirit, and high skill, announcing its return to the front of sports exceptionally, with promising stars and brilliant talents.

Al-Omari, in his first meeting, had a successful start, and the attendance, as usual, was outstanding.

The technical staff and the coach of the equipment, Mohamed Hadi, work with great effort to return the Al-Amrawi battalion to the throne of dreamy and modern sports.

The goals of the match for the Al-Omari team were scored by captain Meshal Yasar (from a free kick) and the genius star Mohamed Abdel Karim.

The match was attended by the Management Board of Al-Omari Club: Sheikh Abdullah Ali Abu Hajar, Sheikh Anis Al-Kass, Mr. Rabie Ali Saeed, Mr. Yassar Qasim, Captain Madin Abu Al-Syouf, journalist Antar Abu Ali, and Captain Fawaz Abdul Karim.

Muhammad Adel Al-Omari
Monday, November 20, 2023 AD

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