Reuters: Two ships diverted away from the Red Sea region after the Houthis seized a ship

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Aden Al-Ghad / Consequences

Navigational data and the British maritime security company Ambrey showed that two merchant ships hijacked in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden were linked to the same maritime group whose ship was captured by the Yemeni Houthis.
Israel said on Sunday that the Houthis seized a British- and Japanese-owned cargo ship in the southern Red Sea, describing the incident as an “Iranian act of terrorism” with consequences for international maritime security.
The Houthis, allies of Tehran, confirmed that they captured a ship in that area, but described it as Israeli.
Japan’s chief government spokesman on Monday confirmed the seizure of the Nippon Yusen-operated Galaxy Leader ship, adding that Japan is appealing to the Houthis while asking for the help of Saudi, Omani and Iranian authorities to work for the speedy release of the ship and its crew. . .
Two other vessels also listed as being commercially operated by Ray Car Carriers, the Glovis Star and Hermes Leader, changed sailing routes on Sunday, Embry said Monday.

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