Specifications of the Honor 100 and 100 Pro phones have been leaked ahead of their November 23 launch

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in 23 november, of The decision that announces company honor on Telephones Smart Honor 100 And Honor 100 Pro in market chinese people.

And before launch, appeared Specifications And formations And prices For both The two phones Smart people on place Weibo.

And according to What was reported It will contain everyone of Honor 100 And Honor 100 Pro on screen OLED Curvy Quadruple size 6.78 an inch. like revealed the pictures official that Sample Norm It will contain on a hole one, in when that broadcasting Because It will contain on crack on appearance grain For the camera Front duplex.

It will include Preparation a camera Honor 100 Sensor IMX816 exactly 50 megapixel of Imam And a sensor behind me main IMX906 exactly 50 megapixel Supplier With technology OIS In addition to lens Super The width exactly 12 megapixel.

And from hand another, It will contain System Camera Front duplex in Honor 100 Pro on a camera Basic IMX816 exactly 50 megapixel And a sensor exactly 32 megapixel, Who It seems that it lens Super width.

It will include formation Camera the background device IMX906 main exactly 50 megapixel With help OIS, And a lens Super width exactly 12 megapixel, And a lens Close by exactly 32 megapixel.

It will be done employment a series Honor 100 System Android 14 with Interface Magic OS UI. And it is said that both The two phones They contain on battery She informs Its ability 5450 ms Ampere with Option Shipping The fast strongly 100 Watt.

It will contain both The two devices on Advantages shared another, to like the frame plastic, And amplifiers the sound double, AndNFC, And a magnifying glassX-rays under red, And an engine linear on the hub X.

And from where the performance, It will contain Honor 100 on Processor Snapdragon 7 Gen 3 that It was completed to reveal about him again, in when that Honor 100 Pro It will contain on a group Slices Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Most of it power.

It will be done Shipping a series Honor 100 with what It arrives to 16 GB of memory random to gesture It arrives to 512 GB of space Storage.


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