Taiz.. The activities of the mobile photo exhibition in support of Gaza continue

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In continuation of the activities of the mobile exhibition to support and advocate for the children and women of Gaza, which is carried out by Samaa for Development and Community Studies, the Kuwait Complex for Basic and Secondary Education for Girls carried out lobbying activities for the children of Gaza. .

The exhibition contained simulated photographs of the Gaza massacres, the bombing of hospitals, a signature and fingerprint of a message by the children of Taiz… and many expressive activities.

The event was held under the auspices of the governor of the county and the education office of the county, in partnership with “Women’s Voices for Peace” and Al-Fawz Salah School.

The event began its activities by conveying the message of the children of Taiz to the children of the Kuwait School to the children of Al-Fawz School, followed by the play of Palestinian and Yemeni peace, followed by a review of many representative scenes that express the development from the stages of Palestinian resistance and the history of the development of resistance to its current stage…

Some speeches were made in the event, especially the speech of the Director of the Kuwait School, Ms. Nada Al-Shawafi, in addition to the speech of the Director of the Education Office in the Governorate, Mr. Abdul-Wasi. Al-Shaddadi, Mr. Abdul-Aziz Sultan, Head of the Teachers’ Union, and Sheikh Dabwan Hazbar, representative of the Al-Aqsa Association in Taiz.

The words emphasized the importance of such activities in solidarity with the Palestinian cause in the face of the Zionist attack and arrogance that were carried out in Gaza and represented a violation of human rights and international humanitarian law.

They pointed out that brutal massacres did not happen in any other era.

All these words confirmed that this event and its continued transmission to many Taiz schools is a form of awareness of what is happening and an effective solidarity with the children and women of Gaza.

The speeches appreciated the role of the party that contributed to support this event to support Gaza and the Palestinian cause due to the shameful absence of the UN and international position on what is happening in Gaza.

The attendees toured the various activities of the exhibition… which highlighted in an impressive way the violations and killings of children, civilians and women in Gaza.

A message from the children of Kuwait School and the children of Taiz was also read to the United Nations in Arabic and English, demanding that it stop those massacres and bloodbaths.

It is worth mentioning that the exhibition activities will continue until next Thursday in the Kuwait School in the hall, and then it will move to the Al-Hamza school next week.

The event was attended by the director of the education office in the governorate, Mr. Abdul-Wasi Shaddad, the representative of the Al-Aqsa Association, a former member of the House of Representatives, Mr. Dabwan Hazbar, the deputy director of the Human. Rights Office, Mr. Ahmed Taha Al-Maqbi, Mr. Abdulaziz Sultan, the head of the Teachers’ Union in Taiz, the General Secretary of SAMAA for Studies, Mr. Mutahar Al-Sharjabi… and a few others. Educational leaders, social figures and activists

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