The beginning of the training course in the field of preparation of operational plans for the staff of the Ministry of Education office in the Hadhramaut coast

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Al-Mukalla (Aden of Tomorrow) Special:

The training course on the preparation of operational plans, which enters into the preparation of the comprehensive strategic plan for the Ministry’s office in the governorate, began at the office of the Ministry of Education in the coast of Hadhramaut, for the trainer, adviser on planning and training, mr. Fawaz Al-Fakhri.

During the meeting, which was aimed at the heads of divisions and departments and the planning team of the office, Mr. Amin Abdullah Baabad, Director of the Office of the Ministry of Education in the Hadhramaut Coast, pointed out the importance of the stage reached by the plan preparation a team that showed us the characteristics of the educational reality in the county and the boards in various fields.
Emphasizing that the vision, mission, values ​​and goals of this plan came in accordance with the path for which the leadership of the office aims to achieve in the future of the education sector and through which it determines directions, paths and knowledge of strengths and weaknesses .

He praised the role of the team and the coach to carry out and implement the comprehensive strategic plan to the fullest degree, encouraging everyone to benefit from everything provided by the specialists to familiarize themselves with all the details of the plan to move forward until reaching the desired. successes

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