The Child Protection Organization celebrates World Children’s Day in the capital, Aden

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Today in the capital, Aden, the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Organization for Child Welfare organized programs to celebrate the Universal Children’s Day, which takes place on November 20 of each year, and coincides with the announcement of the International Convention on the Rights of the Child. , which was signed in 1989.

Some activities were held under the slogan (Together for Child-Friendly Cities) with funding from the European Union, in the presence of the Deputy Secretary of the Sports Sector at the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Khaled Mohsen Al-Khulaifi, the Director. of the Child Protection Office, Emmanuel Evot, the Director of the Child Protection Program, Aziz Khaled, and the Director General of Women and Children at the Ministry. Social Affairs and Work, Fayza Abdel Majeed.
The Assistant Undersecretary for the Sports Sector, Mr. Raed Ali Noman, expressed his happiness and said: (I am happy to participate in this valuable ceremony for our brave souls, and there were some sports events, such as the marathon race, the five-a-side soccer tournament, table tennis, volleyball and football).
I thank the Child Protection Organization for setting up this program, and I hope that parents will take care of their children from a young age, just as you feed them, take care of their health and educate them. You should pay attention to sports and other things.

The activity supervisor of Muslim Hands Model School, Salim Awad Al-Khader, said: The Child Protection Organization invited us to celebrate the World Children’s Day and participate in this ceremony and we presented the paragraphs of the program. The ceremony expressed what the children needed. On this day. , I do not forget the children of Palestine.

The programs to celebrate the International Children’s Day include a number of sports activities carried out by a number of sports federations, such as a marathon, a five-ball tournament, table tennis and volleyball, and continue for a week in the stadiums and halls. from the capital, Aden.

*By Khadija Al-Kaf
Photo: Ibrahim Abdel Rahman

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