The Council of the Journalists Union, Abyan branch, is holding its regular meeting

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Jaar ((Aden of Tomorrow)) Ahmed Mahdi Salem

This morning, I attended the meeting of the Southern Journalist Union in Abyan, which took place in the hall of the Aris Foundation in the Triangle of Jaar, headed by brother Muhammad Nasser Al-Awlaki, head of the branch in the governorate.
The attendees discussed a number of issues of concern to the branch and journalists, including the union leadership’s follow-up on press cards for journalists, urging the rest to quickly hand over the files to take them to Aden, discussing administrative and financial reports, and assigning colleague Faisal Ali Al-Saeedi to prepare a vision for holding an exhibition of photos and documents on the history of the region. It also includes cartoons, with brother Ahmed Mahdi Salem assigned to control the issue of the bulletin of the branch, and be its editor-in-chief.
He also discussed arranging the affairs of the branch headquarters in Jaar, and following up on its furniture until work stabilizes and activity begins again. Those present also extended their thanks and appreciation to sister Hoda Al-Yafei, head of the “Indah” Foundation. , who hosted the meeting and provided its requirements due to the lack of preparation of the headquarters.

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