The Director General of Taiz Governorate Police discusses the work progress with the Director of Forensic Evidence

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On Sunday morning, the Director General of Taiz Governorate Police, Brigadier General Mansour Al-Akhali, discussed with the Director of Forensic Evidence, Colonel Abdul Raqeeb Al-Sabri, the progress of work in forensic evidence.

Brigadier General Mansour Al-Akhali heard from the Director of Forensic Evidence a detailed explanation of the nature of the procedures that are taken regarding all cases during which the forensic team goes to the crime scene.

During the meeting, Brigadier General Al-Akhali emphasized the need to adhere to precision and professional and legal standards in the procedures to ensure the integrity of the procedures, starting with preservation of the crime scene and analysis of the criminal tool and ending with identification of the perpetrators of the crimes and finding evidence that indicates their commission.

During the meeting, the difficulties and challenges facing the Forensic Department were addressed, appropriate solutions were developed to avoid them, and work was done to improve the role of forensic evidence and raise the level of their activity through the implementation of training and qualification courses . for the employees of the Department.

The meeting was attended by the Deputy Director of the Police of Taiz Governorate, Colonel Anis Al-Shamiri, the Assistant for Police Affairs, Colonel Adnan Al-Saqqaf, the Director of the Office of the General Director of Police, Colonel Muhammad Abdul-Raouf. , the Director of the Legal Affairs and Police Judiciary Department, Colonel Advocate Muhammad Hamoud Al-Yusufi, the Director of the Training and Qualification Department, Colonel Ahmed Al-Mikhlafi, and the Media Adviser to the Director General of Police, Dr . Yahya Al-Atwani and some forensic officers.

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