The Fishermen’s Cooperative Union honors Al-Majda Al-Sahel Salma Nasser Marhab in Aden

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The Fishermen’s Cooperative Union honored this morning, Monday, November 20, 2023, at its headquarters in the new town of Enmaa in Aden, the illustrious coastal woman/Salma Nasser Abdan Marhab, President of the Coastal Development Association in Amran.
Where Mr. Adham Jawad, Acting President of the Fishermen’s Cooperative Union and President of the Awasif Al-Khair Association, presented a plaque in appreciation of her distinguished and wonderful efforts in serving fishermen and their women at the level of Aden Governorate in general and its coastal Amran region in the Buraiqa District especially… wishing her further progress and prosperity. Honoring some women employees working in the union and the association.

Al-Majda Al-Sahili, Salma bint Nasser Marhab, expressed her happiness, gratitude and pride for this honor represented by a certificate of thanks and appreciation from the most important and largest development institution represented by the General Fishing Union in Aden. She confirmed . that she will work with greater energy and use all the activities of her association to serve the families of fishermen in Amran and Aden in general, and extend her hand. So that everyone will cooperate and work together to improve the circumstances and conditions of fishermen. in all social and humanitarian fields such as social care, education, literacy…etc.

Majda Al-Sahel Salma is an honorable model of a struggling woman and community activist who has conquered and defied all circumstances and works with full dedication and sincerity.

*By Mansour Amer

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