The Foundation for Outstanding Students in Aden launches the giving of identification cards to those sponsored by it

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Today, Monday (November 20, 2023), the Al Amal Development Foundation for Outstanding Students in the capital, Aden, launched the issuance of identification cards to students under its sponsorship in the colleges and institutes of Aden, Abyan, Lahj, To Dhalea, and Shabwa.
Today, the Foundation’s students received 480 identification cards confirming their inclusion in the sponsorship program implemented by the Foundation to encourage academic excellence for students in bachelor’s and master’s programs in universities, as well as diplomas in community colleges and technical and technical institutes.
The share of the faculties of medicine at the University of Aden (human medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, laboratories and nursing) was the largest in terms of the number of identification cards given to outstanding students sponsored by the institution, with a rate exceeding 50. % of the total outstanding students registered within the internal scholarship program. For the institution.
The data of the students sponsored by the Foundation showed that the students studying in the medical colleges in the University of Aden are numerically better than the students sponsored by the Foundation compared to the students of the Universities of Abyan and Lahj, as well as the Community. Colleges of Aden and Al-Dhalea, and the Amin Nasher Institutes for Health Sciences and the Jamil Ghanem Institutes for Fine Arts.
Students from the colleges of education in Aden and Abyan came in second place in terms of the number of students who obtained identification cards from the institution, followed by students from the colleges of the universities of Aden, which are: engineering, science, arts, languages, economics, computers, administrative sciences and law, in addition to students from the Nasser College of Science. Agricultural University in Lahj University, and also the colleges of Abyan University, which are: colleges of administrative sciences and education, computing, and Sharia and law.
The inauguration of giving cards to students is based on the directives of His Excellency the Goodwill Ambassador Dr. Omar bin Abdullah Bamhasoun, Chairman of the Board of Directors, who directed the giving of identification cards to students sponsored by the Foundation to identify the enrollment of outstanding students, as well as strengthening the work to care for and motivate outstanding students in universities, colleges and institutes so that they can continue their excellence. Scientific.

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