The General Manager of Zanzibar supports the Al Baraem team with sports and training outfits

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Zanzibar (Aden of Tomorrow) Khaled Abbad

The Director General of the Zanzibar Board, Sheikh Shaye Al-Dahhouri, handed over to Captain Saeed Ramadan, the coach of the Zanzibar Cubs team, some sports supplies, which are twenty sports jerseys, twenty related training suits, and twenty sherbets as well.

This support comes as a motivational aspect of the Director General of the Zanzibar Board to pay attention to the Buds category and encourage them to practice sports and keep them and they will be a supporter of the Hassan Club in the future.

On his part, the coach of the Baraem Zanzibar team, Captain Saeed Ramadan, extended his thanks and appreciation to the Director General of the Zanzibar Directorate, Sheikh Shaye’ Al-Dahori, for his support of the team with these supplies.

Ramadan pointed out that this gesture is not new for Sheikh Shaye, as he strives to serve the board of directors in various fields and pay attention to it in all aspects.

The Director General was accompanied by Captain Mansour Haidara, Director of the Youth and Sports Office of the Zanzibar Directorate, and Captain Arif Gheber.

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