The Houthi militias continue their forced campaign against the recruitment of marginalized people

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(Aden Al-Ghad) Consequences.

The Houthi militias continue their campaign against recruiting marginalized people

Local sources reported that the Houthi militias are exploiting their need for money and trying to convince the recruits that they will go fight in Palestine, but this is not happening.

One of the marginalized people fleeing to the city of Taiz said: “One of the Houthi militia attacked us and said: ‘Recruit for Gaza’, and some of our friends agreed, but we refused and fled to Taiz Governorate. Our friends took them. to fight on the fronts inside Yemen, and some of them were injured and some of them were arrested. They deprived them of their rights and did not give them anything.” “.

Another reported that the Houthi militia took some of his children under the pretext of employing them, which forced him to flee from Sanaa to Taiz, and lose his job and the work of his children in the private sector. In turn, Abdul-Ghani Aklan, the official spokesman of the National Union of Marginalized Groups in Taiz, said that the recruitment of marginalized people by the Houthi militia is a violation of human rights.

He added, “What the Houthi militias are doing in terms of exploiting the issue of the marginalized and pushing them to the fronts in the name of supporting Gaza is considered a violation of human rights, and we, as black citizens in Yemen, condemn these. violations and condemn those actions that lead to ethnic genocide and the end of that group.”

The Houthi militia recruited hundreds of children over the past weeks, under the pretext of liberating Jerusalem, before pushing them to the fronts of Marib, Taiz, Al-Dhalea and Al-Hudaydah.

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