The Israeli occupation is defeated in Gaza Written by Saleh Al-Mansoub

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I believe that the prestige of the Zionist occupation forces, which in the eyes of many was that their army was invincible, but on October 7 revealed their truth in the first attempt and caused a serious shock, and all the myths fell, until it became clear. that they were just myths, and their echo reached America and Europe and made Biden personally declare war on Gaza, with European countries on his side. Great to restore the prestige that was lost to Israel.

Swarms of planes moved in to bomb hospitals, schools, mosques and organization offices, and they spared no ground in their war against Gaza. They killed children, women, the sick and the elderly. They bombed the homes of journalists. The Baptist Hospital, Al-Shifaa Hospital, Al-Aqsa Martyrs and others were not spared, and the world watched with clear hypocrisy, contenting itself with denunciation and denunciation.

The United Nations has revealed that it is a tool in the hands of America, as well as other international organizations that support human rights, and it has remained silent in the face of the crimes openly committed by the Israeli occupation, which have never happened in history, and it is evident, that the real ISIS, Al-Qaeda and terrorism is Israel.

But before all the crimes and the challenge to return the prisoners by force, and after 44 days of war, it achieved nothing but more crimes. It did not return the prisoners and invents weak and vain excuses to bomb it, and on its side are great powers, who help it in its terrorism, but Israel is actually defeated, no matter how strong it appears, even in the speeches of its leaders it appears. One of their characteristics is that they were; defeated morally and locally in their war, and that the Palestinian liberation movements in Gaza decided to expel the Nazi occupation from all of Palestine, regardless of the sacrifices.

Israel was defeated in Gaza despite having advanced aviation and military equipment. It bombed from the air, killing innocent people, and bombed journalists and their families to scare them from spreading the truth. It tried on land, and each attempt resulted in defeat and defeat. .

It is enough about the Gaza war that it succeeded and triumphed in exposing the United Nations and the world and showed it for what it really is, that it exists to serve America and the evil arm of terrorism, Israel.

Gaza and all Palestinian liberation movements in it resist to liberate Palestine and expel the Israeli occupation from the land of the tyrants, no matter what the cost.

Israel has been defeated in its war, except for the victory in the killing of children. Child victims have reached 70%, according to international statistics. All its promises to the financiers of the war are that it will be resolved within days, but the promises have evaporated, and all that remains is the declaration of defeat.

The peace of God be on every hand that holds a gun to fight against the evils of the world. Peace be on all the free people of the world who protested and denounced the crimes. Mercy to all the martyrs of Gaza and Palestine and healing to all . injured

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